Centro de Arte Contemporânea
Graça Morais
20-11-2021 // 27-02-2022
Curator Jorge da Costa

Atlas of solitude

Renovator of a landscape constructed from memories, fragments and dregs of an enormous emotional toll and expressive force; this devastated natural work, the deserted city as a reflection of the individual’s solitude.

A redrawn, restructured, modified and denatured landscape, a process that manages to convert it into this same basic concept, into a mental construction. A lifeless landscape, unshaken by the passage of time, Otero has paradoxically erected a solid image of destruction, an authentic Atlas of solitude.

The Devouring Man

For Otero, antisocial and destructive behaviour is masculine. It is the Devouring Man, Mother Earth’s ancestral predator, the savage rapist of the maternal uterus, the explosion of amniotic fluid, the unscathed and victorious atavistic legacy.

An act of uncontrollable manly strength that shares its origin with humanity and moves forward with it. A devastating colonization of the planet that makes a victim of this most widespread crime, leaving all of those who have committed it unpunished and tolerated.

So a life sentence or the death penalty. This does not matter. Well, what is the prisoner, the human being, if not an eternal being sentenced to death? A human imbalance which will inevitably reach its unrepentant conquest, which is none other than its own extinction.

«Atlas de Soidade» // «Atlas of solitude»

Museum of Contemporary Art of Vigo (MARCO)
14-06 // 15 -09. 2019
Curator Rubén Martínez