«O Novo Bestiario»

Invited artist in Contemporary Art Space of
CULTURGAL 2020, Cultural Industries Fair
Pazo da Cultura of Pontevedra (Spain)
Curator Elena Bangueses

114 sculptural elements.
Installation size 16 x 4.8 m.
Reclaimed wood, ropes, acrylics, pigments, wires and glue.
Different chimeras and gargoyles, but with the same purpose: intimidate in order to control and dominate.
Peeking out, guarding and challenging, now from the windows and balconies. Transmitters of the voice of fear.
Now, the Bestiary has changed. Now COVID, bigotry, intolerance and hate towards the different.
Then, the Black Death that ravaged Europe, Satan and his ministers on Earth.


Stockholm, Sweden, 2019


Konstall, Stockholm, Sweden, 2018